3Promoting academic interest in Korean Studies and introducing its historical characteristics to Chileans.
Studying on security issues in the Northeast Asia in terms of Korean perspective.
Investigating the effect and process of the reunification of two Koreas.
Motivating to understand the successful role of Korean government in the development of high-technology and exportation.
Putting an emphasis on economic relationship and coo-petition (cooperation and competition) in both countries since FTA in 2004.
Studying the Korean models and policies which contribute to narrow the social gap between the rich and the poor.
Opening academic courses (pre-and post-grade) on Korean Studies in the University of Santiago of Chile pushing for the evaluation and analysis of cultural and social exchange: explaining the Korean Soft Power and Korean Wave (한류 ) in terms of Chilean and other Latin American perspectives.
Assisting Latin American Studies in Korea regarding Chile and other South American countries.


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