The expectation of ChKSC-Program is to become one of the main Centers in Latin America which is able. They will be prepared to spread the Korean Study not only in Chile but also in the whole region.

4The ChKSC-Program will offer three lectures especially on security politics, economic history and social & cultural activities of South Korea. These lectures will have the objective of looking for several lessons that Chile and other Latin American countries are able to learn by highlighting a variety of characteristics of the topics.

The above proposed three lectures will become the base to trigger the interest and the specialization on Korean Studies among USACH (University of Santiago of Chile) professors. In fact, the professors at Master and Doctoral levels in IDEA (Institute of Advanced Studies) at USACH rely on the basic knowledge on Asia-Pacific issues. However, if the ChKSC-Program is installed, they will have more chances to study and teach specific Korean issues.

The academic researchers and professors of the ChKSC-Program will focus on the production of papers, issue reports, newspaper columns and media participation to spread Korean topics in Chile and America Latina.

6Under its proposed “Small Grant Program” during the first year, the ChKSCProgram will be focusing on the elaboration and publication of five Doctoral Dissertations, four Master Policy Brief papers and four Essays of Undergraduate Students.

The Small Grant Program will render an outcome of publishing an Electronic book with all the above-mentioned materials (e.g. dissertations, policy briefs and essays).

Among the results expected at the ChKSC-Program, it is central the extensión activities. This item will be concentrated in three activities: Korean Conference on Political and Economic issues, Korean Day (Film, Literature and Painting) and Korean Business/Companies Day.

The ChKSC-Program, replacing the small grant program at its second year, has the expectation to announce its Study-Trip Program. This program will allow two outstanding students to travel to South Korea and make their academic research on Korean issues.

The ChKSC-Program will increase and enhance interest on Korean Studies in Chile and Latin America Region.

It is highly expected for the ChKSC-Program to enhance the link and increase the web with worldwide Korean Studies Centers. It is also expected to Estbaliz collaboration with Korean Universities, Institutes and Organizations. To achieve this objectives our project will use the existing university global network and its national, regional and global prestige.

paisaje1After ending the project period of 3 years (Jul 2014 to Jun 2017), with the objective to continue the ChKSC-Program activities, the Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA) of University of Santiago of Chile (USACH) will be compromised to offer a “Diploma on Korean Studies” for the Chileans.

At the end of the project, meanwhile a new application is in the progress, the IDEA will be compromised to keep uploading the material in the website of the ChKSC-Program.


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